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Pension Wise est plus que jamais nécessaire

Nos spécialistes en orientation Pension Wise ont aidé les clients à trouver des caisses de retraite dont ils ignoraient l'existence, et ils les ont aidés à réclamer des abattements fiscaux dont ils ignoraient l'existence. À la suite de la pandémie de Covid, nous parlons à plus de personnes que jamais de leurs choix de retraite à cotisations définies.

If you are struggling to afford food and other essentials then you may be entitled to emergency assistance from Citizens Advice Liverpool. 

To receive this support you must be: 

  • clinically extremely vulnerable OR isolating (either because you have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been in close contact with someone who tested positive)  

  • a Liverpool resident 

If you are isolating or are clinically extremely vulnerable, you might experience changes in your mood; there may be some days where you feel down or sadder than others.

You are not alone.


Our COVID-19 Support Team can also provide practical wellbeing advice if you are feeling anxious, worried or stressed due to coronavirus.


Get advice today.


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