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Pension Wise est plus que jamais nécessaire

Nos spécialistes en orientation Pension Wise ont aidé les clients à trouver des caisses de retraite dont ils ignoraient l'existence, et ils les ont aidés à réclamer des abattements fiscaux dont ils ignoraient l'existence. À la suite de la pandémie de Covid, nous parlons à plus de personnes que jamais de leurs choix de retraite à cotisations définies.

Citizens Advice Liverpool will give you the information you need to make the right choices for debt problems – to give you peace of mind once more.   


Our friendly, specialist team can advise you on a range of debt and money matters, including:  


  • Checking liability for debts 

  • Arranging a “Breathing Space” hold on creditor actions 

  • Insolvency solutions, including Bankruptcy, Individual Voluntary Arrangement and Debt Relief Order 

  • Debt Management Plans and informal offers to creditors 

  • Priority debt issues, including mortgage arrears, rent arrears, council tax arrears, energy arrears, hire purchase arrears and magistrates court fines 

  • Dealing with county court forms and process  

  • Write off of debts in certain circumstances 

  • Charitable support 

  • Budgeting and maximising income.


We will always be happy to chat with you, no matter how big or small your concerns. All advice given will be tailored to your individual needs.  

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Call our Money Advisers on  

0300 330 1196


No one available to take your call? Leave us a message and we will contact you.

Message us on Whatsapp 


Email us at: 


Get advice today for free, confidential and impartial money advice. 

Citizens Advice Liverpool is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for money and debt advice. Our Money Advice team members are accredited to standards set by the Money and Pensions Service. 

We advised more than 3,500 people in Liverpool with debt issues last year. Read Geoff and Yasmin's story: 

Geoff came to Citizens Advice Liverpool for Debt and Money Advice


Read more about how Geoff obtained a full write-off of his debts.

Woman on Her Phone

Yasmin came to Citizens Advice Liverpool for Debt and Money Advice


Read more about the holistic support given by our Caseworker.

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