As part of our research and campaign work, Citizens Advice Liverpool has produced a number of reports that can be found on this page.


Communities and Growth 

How Citizens Advice resolves people's problems across the Liverpool City Region. 

"This report gives a fascinating picture of how this well-loved charity is helping us achieve our objectives around economic well-being, fairness and quality of life."

Steve Rotheram, Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor


No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF)

This research and campaigns report outlines experiences of Citizens Advice Liverpool clients who cannot access public funds. 

Published 2020. 


The Impact of Volunteering 

This report details the impact of volunteering on health and wellbeing, in particular for volunteers of a Black, Asian or ethnic minority (BAME) background

Published 2021. 


Writing about Loan Sharks

In April 2018, Citizens Advice Liverpool, funded by the national Illegal Money Lending Team, launched a writing competition inviting Merseyside writers to submit original pieces of writing on the subject of Loan Sharks. 

This anthology of entries aims to raise awareness of Loan Sharks in an innovative way. 


'You feel like a nobody'

This report presents evidence about the support and advice needs of LGBT+ asylum seekers in Liverpool.


The results presented here suggest that individuals continue to face considerable barriers both to accessing the help they need to enable them to live with dignity and respect in this city and the legal advice required to assure a fair hearing of their asylum claims in court.


The heating or eating quandry

Experiences of Citizens Advice North Liverpool clients in Winter 2015/16 coping with the long term impact of decreasing household income and increasing essential household expenditure.